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The Wealthy Affiliate Review

This is one of the Wealthy Affiliate reviews and my personal opinion about my own experience with Wealthy Affiliate University, an affiliate marketing online program.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2015

Note: This is not the Wealthy Affiliate website, just a personal review of it by Nico de Vries. To go directly to the Wealthy Affiliate website, Click here.

There are a lot of scams on the internet, and you probably have experienced it yourself. I have been scammed a few times before, but now I know what to look for to find out if the product is a scam or not.

One day I ended up by Wealthy Affiliate. I can’t remember how it happened, but I’m glad I’ve found them. Even with almost 10 years experience in marketing, I thought I knew it all, at least most of it. Well, soon after I became a free member with Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve noticed I was doing some things wrong for years. There was so much information, and I’m talking about good, useful information, that not much later I decided to become a paid member.

I started with Wealthy Affiliate in November 2013 and learned a lot of new tips and tricks from their affiliate marketing training videos, and even today I’m still learning. I started with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course; a 10-lesson course for creating a successful online business. My marketing knowledge has improved greatly, mostly within my first year as a a member. I wonder where I will be within one year from now, learning even more about marketing. As the lessons are up to date, you can stay ahead of your competition.

the 10 lesson getting started course

online entrepreneur certification course

You can do the same as me, join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s free to get started and you can stay a free member for as long as you like. The only thing is, after 7 days you will be limited to the amount of info you can access as a free member. Even after these 7 days, you can still build 2 free websites with free hosting using the WordPress platform and state-of-the-art cloud hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam, in case you want to know. They will teach you how to build a successful and profitable online business. You’ll get everything you need to get a website up and running, ready to making money for you. Of course you have to do some work yourself, it is not a get rich quick scam. I invite you to try it out and see it for yourself and what they have to offer. Anyway, it will not cost you anything to become a free Wealthy Affiliate member and you can learn a lot of new things, just like I did.

In other words, you have the opportunity to build a solid foundation for a successful internet business just from becoming a free Wealthy Affiliate member. Just give them a fair try, and if you don’t like it, you can stop at any time, without risking any money.

The wealthy affiliate review

wealthy affiliate review

About: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Ranking: 5 stars
Price: Starter membership FREE; Premium membership $49 per month (was $47)
(first month $19) or $359 per year ($29 per month)
For: Beginner to advanced marketers (who want to learn more)
With the FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP you’ll get:

  ✓     $0 starter membership, yes it’s FREE to get started
  ✓     Step by step high quality lessons that are easy to understand
  ✓     Entrepreneur training level 1
  ✓     Bootcamp training part 1
  ✓     Instant access to more than 500 training modules
  ✓     2 free websites with free hosting on state-of-the-art Cloud hosting
  ✓     Easy website builder on the WordPress platform
  ✓     12 templates to choose from + many more available on the internet
  ✓     Access to 3 classrooms
  ✓     30 free keyword searches per month
  ✓     Live support from 100.000+ members and owners (first 7 days only)
  ✓     Spam free environment

become premium for unlimited access

Premium Membership

With the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP you’ll get:

  ✓     13 interactive classrooms – task based
  ✓     More than 100 training modules for each classroom
  ✓     Instant access to 500+ training modules
  ✓     Video training and tutorial training
  ✓     100’s of hours extra video training classes
  ✓     Live video training classes every friday
  ✓     Acces to all the video replays
  ✓     Full Bootcamp training course
  ✓     Up to date training materials
  ✓     Article writing tool: Rapid Writer
  ✓     Content exporting tool
  ✓     Keyword tool and research tool
  ✓     Unlimited keyword searches each month
  ✓     Campaign creation tool
  ✓     Unlimited free websites with free hosting
  ✓     Easy 3 click website builder with WordPress Express
  ✓     Access to 1400+ templates; and more through the internet
  ✓     State of the art Cloud hosting
  ✓     Website backup and monitoring ( no more loss of data)
  ✓     Link tracker to check how your links are performing
  ✓     Unlimited 24/7 live support from other members and the owners
  ✓     No up-sells (nothing more to pay)

Classroom topics consist of:

  •     Authoring and writing content
  •     Email marketing
  •     Everything WordPress
  •     Getting started
  •     Keyword, niche and market research
  •     Local marketing
  •     Pay per click marketing
  •     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •     Social Engagement & Marketing
  •     The Wealthy Affiliate platform
  •     Video marketing
  •     WA affiliate program
  •     Website Development & Programming

Pro’s of Wealthy Affiliate

  •     FREE to sign up without time limit
  •     Training materials are kept up to date
  •     Easy to get started
  •     Easy to understand training through step by step training
  •     Help and support from members and owners 24/7
  •     Premium members get unlimited free websites with free hosting
  •     Live video training (replays from past video training are available)
  •     Spam free environment
  •     Many choices in different courses
  •     Available for beginner to advanced
  •     Possibility to upload your own training materials
  •     Blogging possibility to write your own stories
  •     Not a scam or get rich quick scheme

Con’s of Wealthy Affiliate

  •     Information overload if you don’t follow the training. If you follow the
courses and do the tasks, you will make money.
Hoping this info was useful and what you were looking for.
Thanks for reading these Wealthy Affiliate reviews.

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